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INFO: It had to Happen: MP3 Players Combined With CD-ROM Playersare on the Drawing Boards

	This could become a noted achievement in the music player industry
but will not make the RIAA and music copyright protection advocates happy.
A New York Times article discusses some of the issues in the growing MP3
saga, now that MP3 is moving toward your living room stereo player.  An
abstract and link to the article appear below.

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Source:  New York Times (NYT)
Author:  Malcolm Maclachlan
Title:      Combination MP3-CD Players Are On The Way
Source Date:  June 24, 1999
Resource Type:  News Article
Description/Keywords:  CD-ROMS, Digital Players, MP3, Integration
URL:  Listed Below Article Summary

June 24, 1999
          Combination MP3-CD Players Are On
          The Way
          Filed at 7:32 p.m. EDT
          By Malcolm Maclachlan for TechWeb, CMPnet

          A number of small companies are working to
          bring downloadable music into the mainstream
          with devices that can play both CDs and MP3s.

          Vertical Horizon, a 20-person company based in
          Los Angeles, has said it is working on what it
          hopes will be the first such device available in
          portable form in the United States.

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