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ACRL Licensing Preconference

Those who will attend the American Library Association Conference later
this month will be interested in the following preconference on licensing
sponsored by the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries).


The negotiation and management of licenses can be complex and time
consuming. Learn how to interpret and manage licensing contracts, promote
compliance at your institution, explore future licensing trends, and gain
negotiation skills at the ACRL preconference program, "Understanding the
Licensing Landscape."

This program, which will be held in New Orleans on Friday, June 25, 1999,
from 1:30 - 4:30 p.m., consists of three toolkit sessions which will give
you the skills necessary to regulate and manage licenses at your

Toolkit Sessions

* Session 1: Taming the License Beast: Tracking and Compliance;
Presenters: Kimberly Parker, Electronic Publishing and Collections
Librarian, Yale University Library, and Ellen Duranceau, Assistant
Acquisitions Librarian for Digital Resources, MIT Libraries

Find out how to manage and administer licenses as you hear suggestions for
responsible tracking procedures and techniques.  Explore ways and means of
educating staff and users about license terms and work through scenarios.

* Session 2: The Future of the Licensing Landscape; Presenter: Barbara
McFadden Allen, Director, Center for Library Initiates, Committee on
Institutional Cooperation

Find out if the current licensing model is sustainable as libraries
attempt to manage an ever-increasing number of licenses and contracts.
Consider whether libraries, vendors, and publishers are exploring
alternatives while learning about potential models for the future of
license negotiation and management.

* Session 3: Sense and Licensability: A Practical Guide to License
Negotiation; Presenters: Ivy Anderson, Coordinator for Digital
Acquisitions, Harvard University, and Hannah Stevens, Executive Director,
Boston Library Consortium

Identify core issues in license negotiation, explore current "hot" issues,
and share your own negotiation strategies and techniques.

Complete the printable registration form at:
and fax to 312-280-2520.  Registration fees are $75 for ACRL members;
$115 for ALA members;  $160 for non-members; and $50 for students. 
Questions?  Contact Margot Sutton at (800) 545-2433, ext. 2522, or
e-mail msutton@ala.org.