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Re: Cataloging E-journals

Here is a reply in part to Chuck Hamaker's query ..

>I'm interested in when and why or if folks do or do not catalog (ie. in
>their OPAC's) e-Journals. And how and what they link to, what content they

We do several things ..

Most of our ejournals we get through our membership in OhioLINK.  
OhioLINK has contracted with OCLC Techpro to catalog the big sets of
titles (e.g. Elsevier) according to specifications set by an OhioLINK
committee.  The current policy right now is to require separate records
for the print and electronic version;  add 530 additional physical form
available note; 776 additional physical forms entry; 856 electronic
location and access; 506 restrictions on access note if required.  In the
latter you could include info about "password required - see reference
librarian" or the like. We follow these guidelines for any ejournal
records we add locally.  We also add a 229 field (local key title field)
if the record does not have a 222 and qualify it by (Online) and also then
the print version qualify with (Print).  this makes it easy to see the
difference when doing a title search. Examples are "Journal of structural
geology" or "World development."

For periodical index type things we try to add records to our opac, though
are slower about doing this.  We do have a "Which Database to Use" section
in our library web pages which provides links to the db & also gives some
explanatory text about the db.

Both our webpac & the Which Database to Use guide are available from our
library's web page at http://www.wooster.edu/library/


Margo Warner Curl
Technical Services Librarian
The College of Wooster Libraries
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phone: 330/263-2154
fax: 330/263-2253
email: mcurl@acs.wooster.edu