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Re: Click-through Licenses

IOP for INSPEC, Wiley for its journals, and some smaller publishers are
still requiring such information. IOP and Wiley at least have given
indications they might not continue this, but at this point they seem to
be still doing so.

Terry Cullen wrote:
> ....  So, even if these click-on end-user
> licenses were enforceable, they can bind only the publisher and the
> end-user, not the library (unless the library agrees in their own license
> contract with the publisher to be held responsible for the subsequent acts
> of users, which hopefully none of you would do).  Do the end-user
> click-ons require the user to identify themselves?  Nope.  (Would your
> library even consider purchasing such a product?  I hope not!)

> ...
> Think about whether your library would purchase a database that required
> patrons to identify themselves or required you to keep records of who used
> the public stations for what. 
> ...

>  For whatever it's
> worth, I don't think you should ever agree to such terms, even if it means
> not being able to purchase the product.
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