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UNAM sign database licensing agreement

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Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 16:03:10 EST
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Universidad Nacional Aut=F3noma de M=E9xico (UNAM) announces database licen=
agreement with MCB University Press

Universidad Nacional Aut=F3noma de M=E9xico (UNAM) is the largest universit=
system in Mexico, with 264,000 students, 32,000 faculty, and over 160
libraries in and around Mexico City. On 12th January 1999 they announced
their three-year agreement with MCB which will allow all
university-affiliated libraries, students, and faculty Internet access to
the full text of 117 journals published by MCB. The main areas of focus are
in the fields of business science, industrial relations, finance, economics=
education, engineering, and library/information sciences.

Adolfo Rodriguez, Library Director for UNAM, stated in a press release "the
proposal MCB offered was very attractive because it allowed our students an=
faculty access to their entire database, while reducing the long-term costs
of our current print subscriptions.  It was clear that this agreement would
provide significant benefits to our libraries, which made our decision to
participate simple."

This EmeraldPlus initiative has developed a licensing agreement that meets
the needs of both library and publisher, on the basis of fair use and
partnership. It provides fulltext access to an advanced database of over
20,000 top quality management articles. It also addresses the evolving need=
of library purchasing groups through cost effective and high value
electronic information.

MCB University Press is currently in active discussions with library
purchasing groups world-wide. For the full press release relating to this
signing or for further information visit the MCB web site at
http://www.mcb.co.uk/press.htm or contact:

Claire Ginn
Consortia Manager, MCB University Press
875 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 82, Cambridge, Massachusetts. MA 02139

Tel: (617) 497-2175=09Fax: (617) 354 6875=09E-mail: claire.ginn@mcb-usa.com


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