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MARS Hot Topics Meeting at Midwinter

Apologies for duplication...hope to see you at:

"Through the Glass Darkly: Electronic Database Usage Statistics--Apples,
Oranges & Kumquats"

How is YOUR library making these important usage statistics available,
visible, meaningful??  Are you maintaining individual title use statistics
from databases that include full text links?

Considering the 'variety' of statistics reported, what is your strategy
for representing comparative use across vendors?

What spreadsheet, database and/or Web formats are you using to maintain
your records? Please bring samples or descriptions of what you are doing,
or just your ideas about what you'd LIKE to do!

Come to the MARS HOT TOPICS Discussion Group to share your statistics
ideas, techniques, problems!

Saturday, January 30, 11:30-12:30 at Korman Suites Hotel (Suite 211)
  2001 Hamilton Street
  Bring a sandwich and a coke!

Carole Richter
Electronic Resourcees Coordinator
University of Notre Dame Libraries