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Copyright / Old Journals


The University of Kentucky Libraries are currently in the early stages of
a digitization project that will involve encoding old and obscure
Appalachian journals for presentation on the World Wide Web.  One question
we have concerning copyright, is how to clear copyright for an entire
journal issue or set of issues that has multiple authors' works.  Many of
the journals date back to before the 1930s.  The authors may no longer be
living.  Also, many of the authors are obscure figures who would be next
to impossible to locate today.

So, the crux of my question is whether or not the institution that
published the journal can give copyright clearance for all the works
within the journal, or if copyright needs to be considered for individual
articles within a particular journal issue.

Eric Weig
Electronic Resources Librarian
2-1 William T. Young Library
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506