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Re: Science Online model and Princeton

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Trudy Gardner wrote:

} ... We have no way of knowing what it actually costs to
} publish a journal.  In Consumer Reports we can find out what the real
} costs of a car are and what are "reasonable profits" for the dealer...

This is a great report from the ARL - 


"Competition in Scholarly Publishing? What Publisher Profits Reveal"  by
Brendan J. Wyly, Johnson Graduate School of Management Library, Cornell

"As both customers and critics of commercial scholarly publishers,
librarians might find useful a summary of the recent finances of the
publicly traded companies that have significant scholarly publishing
operations. A financial analysis can help us determine if our trust in
maintaining long-term relationships with these companies is warranted and
at the same time suggest whether our concerns that an anti-competitive
market is operating are supported by the data."


Several other articles from Issue #200 may be of interest as well.

     Special Issue on Journals

     Views of the Current Marketplace for Scholarly Journals by Mary M.
Case, Director of the ARL Office of Scholarly Communication

     The Impact of Publisher Mergers on Journal Prices: A Preliminary
Report by Mark J. McCabe, Assistant Professor of Economics, Georgia
Institute of Technology

     Competition in Scholarly Publishing? What Publisher Profits Reveal by
Brendan J, Wyly, Johnson Graduate School of Management Library, Cornell

     Comparing Value and Estimated Revenue of SciTech Journals by Stanley
J. Wilder, Assistant Dean for Technical and Financial Services, LSU

     At the Speed of Thought: Pursuing Non-Commercial Alternatives to
Scholarly Communication by Mike Sosteric, Assistant Professor, Centre for
Global and Social Analysis, Athabasca University, and Director,
International Consortium for Alternative Academic Publication (ICAAP) 

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