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Re: Oxford University Press license

To me this is just saying in rather round-about terms that 

1/ anyone, whether a member of the institution or not, that the
institution permits to use its libraries, can access the material from
within the libraries,

2/ but that only the actual members of the institution can use it by
remote access with a modem.

However, it does leave out the case of those accessing the network via the
campus network directly, not with a modem, from locations on campus other
than the library. To me it implies that at least the actual members of the
institution could do so, since they have the even more extensive right to
access with a modem.

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Publicker, Stephanie (OD) wrote:
> A few of us at our library are feeling a bit perplexed by the Oxford
> University Press license because it seems to contradict itself.  What
> confuses us is the permission under 1.1.c for users to access the journals
> remotely via modem and the seemingly conflicting geographic restrictions
> described in the "Site" description.  Perhaps someone on the listserv can
> help us decipher this language?
> The full license can be found at
> http://www.oup.co.uk/Resources/manuals/licence/s_instagmt.html.
> Oxford University Press Oxford Journals
> Institutional Site Licence Agreement
> 1.1 In this site licence the following expressions shall have the following
> meanings:
>  "Authorised User" firstly, an individual member of the Institution
>   a) who is employed or engaged under contract as part of the academic,
> library, or research staff of the Institution (whether on a temporary,
> permanent or visiting basis) or who is studying at the Institution whether
> at the Site or off Site; and
>   b) whom the Institution wishes to authorise to have access to the
> Journal(s);  and
>   c) who can access the Journal(s) via a modem link to a valid IP address
> on the Institution's Secure Network;
>   [and secondly, an individual who is not a member of the Institution but
>   a) who is allowed to use the Institution's library facilities on an ad
> hoc basis; and
>   b) whom the Institution wishes to authorize to have access to the
> Journals;  and
>   c) who can access the Journals from a terminal in the library with a
> valid domain name or Internet Protocol address; and
>   [d) who has agreed to abide by terms and conditions imposed by the
> Institution governing use of the Journals which include the restrictions
> contained in paragraphs 4.2 and 4.3]
>  "the Site" means the geographical site (or sites) nominated by the
> Institution from which Authorised Users can access the Journal through a
> Secure server or Network located at the Site or remotely and is designated
> for access in the registration form completed by the Institution. If the
> Institution occupies more than one geographical site (for example, if the
> Institution is a multi-campus University) the Institution must obtain a
> site licence for each geographical location from which it wishes to
> provide access to the Journal(s).
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