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RE: American Society for Microbiology

I've been extremely disappointed to see that Gale databases are priced in
much the same way...a *single user* license (which for access to the full
text Literature series is $5,000+, so not cheap) provides access not to a
single institution-wide concurrent user, but to one user within one
building. Only at additional user levels (double in cost for 2 users) is
remote access by ip authentication possible.

The 'inappropriate model' idea is something that I hope we can support,
especially through professional organizations and contacts. If we each
continue to make exceptions when we are particularly anxious to 'have' one
resource, such as Science Online for example, we make it more difficult to
influence vendors to accept a reasonable model of access.

Carole Richter
Electronic Resourcees Coordinator
University of Notre Dame Libraries


At 01:44 PM 11/24/1998 EST, Callahan Patrick wrote:
>I have encountered a few other similar licenses that are seemingly
>designed to replicate the multiple print subscriptions for branch
>libraries.  We have not subscribed to any titles under these terms for the
>same reasons you ennumerate, cost and a network with dynamic IP addresses.  
>It also strikes me as an inappropriate model -- the idea that users must
>come to the library to use an e-title seems to eliminate the major
>advantage of the format.  Perhaps if enough libraries refuse to subscribe
>on these terms there will be sufficient pressure to have the license
>modified -- no doubt at a higher subscription cost.
>Patrick Callahan
>Assistant Dean for Collections and Technical Services
>St. John's University
>Jamaica, NY 11439
>(718) 990-6723
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>Sent:	Monday, November 23, 1998 6:01 PM
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>Subject:	American Society for Microbiology
>Do other libraries find the proposed American Society for Microbiology
>licence rather strange?
>The ASM restricts the licence to a BUILDING, charging extra fees for extra
>buildings.  At McGill we have a general policy of offering all
>library-purchased e-titles to all users and the costs of covering all our
>buildings would be far too high.  McGill's IP addresses are not strictly
>linked to a building, so even if we wanted to do this we would find it
>Due to the ASM rules McGill will not be subscribing to their, very useful,
>e-journals and Faculty members here who are ASM members are lobbying their
>Any comments or other ideas?
>David S. Crawford
>Health Sciences Librarian
>McGill University
>Montreal,  CANADA