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Re: American Society for Microbiology

Yes, David, this is truly bizarre, but they stand by their policy for the

I spoke with several folks in their office who are 'braced' for the
onslaught of complaints.  They are concerned that they will lose the many
personal memberships on campuses if they allow multiple sites or
networking. Thus, they believe they have priced the electronic version at
a "low" rate so each site can subscribe only as needed.  They also
inferred that an IP address range for a given library in a given building
should not include individual staff/faculty offices.  That's why remote
access also is forbidden by the contract.

For The Ohio State University, this is a real dilemma.  We, too, have
multiple IP ranges and find it cumbersome to determine use and plot out
access costs.  To date, we have not subscribed, due to this peculiar

-- Trisha Davis

Trisha L. Davis
Head, Continuation Acquisition Division 
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At 06:01 PM 11/23/98 -0500, David S. Crawford wrote:
>Do other libraries find the proposed American Society for Microbiology
>licence rather strange?
>The ASM restricts the licence to a BUILDING, charging extra fees for extra
>buildings.  At McGill we have a general policy of offering all
>library-purchased e-titles to all users and the costs of covering all our
>buildings would be far too high.  McGill's IP addresses are not strictly
>linked to a building, so even if we wanted to do this we would find it
>Due to the ASM rules McGill will not be subscribing to their, very useful,
>e-journals and Faculty members here who are ASM members are lobbying their
>Any comments or other ideas?
>David S. Crawford
>Health Sciences Librarian
>McGill University
>Montreal,  CANADA