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copyright issues of scanned articles

As librarian not much trained in copyright law , but realising the
importance of the issue and wishing to make the most of our possibilites
without breaking the rules and law, I would like to hear your opinion on
the following:

1. What restrictions does a library have to observe when trying to make
use of digitisation techniques and electronic data transmission in it
interlibrary loan transactions? What are the musts and must nots?

2. In what way and with what restrictions can a library store the once
digitized articles and book chapters in a searchable database for further
use? Is it prohibited in itself? Can it be a resource database only to
prevent rescanning of the same article and the damage of a fragile
original document? Can it be an intranet database with scientific and
educational purposes? Can it be an database used by a wider consortium of

Thank you very much

Klara Koltay
Debrecen, Hungary