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RE: Proposed Haworth Press e-journal Policies

I find the Haworth "Guidelines" objectionable in almost every respect.  
While by no means unusual, the requirement to subscribe to the print in
order to get electronic access is not one that libraries should encourage.

Rather than a 10% surcharge for print + electronic, we should encourage
publishers to offer discounts for electronic only that reflect their
reduced printing and distribution charges. Particularly bad in the Haworth
license is that the 10% surcharge only entitles the institution to 3 IP
addresses.  Besides not being a very good deal, those of us with networks
with dynamic IP addresses cannot easily comply with the restriction.

Finally, the prohibition on downloading is potentially troublesome.  
Since the guidelines are so vague on this point, it is difficult to tell
precisely what Haworth has in mind. However, if they intend to prohibit
downloading of individual articles, that is problematic.  As it stands, I
would not buy this license.

Patrick Callahan
Assistant Dean for Collections and Technical Services
St. John's University
Jamaica, NY

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Subject:	Proposed Haworth Press e-journal Policies

I came across the Haworth Press web page that outlines their plans for
providing online access to their journals. I had a few questions about
some of the proposed restrictions, and I thought this might be an
opportune time for librarians with license-negotiating experience to
provide some (unsolicited) input, before the policies are finalized. The
URL for Haworth's preliminary "Guidelines for Electronic Access to Haworth
Journals" is:


Donnie Curtis
Director of Research Services
University of Nevada, Reno, Libraries