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Digital Licensing Update

A reminder about the digital licensing workshop scheduled for:  Phoenix -
Oct. 19; London, England - Oct. 27; and New York - Dec. 3.

NEW LOCATION:  San Jose, CA, has recently been added -- Oct. 22.

In addition, we are contemplating future workshops in Seattle, Boston and

For further information, email:  libraries@copyrightlaws.com.
DIGITAL LICENSING WORKSHOP--attend a 3 hour session on digital licensing,
in which participants will be led through a clause by clause analysis of a
typical licensing agreement.  The workshop will examine:  licensing
arrangements generally;  what uses of works can be made through a
licensing agreement;  sublicenses and secondary rights;  moral rights;  
compensation; duration of a licensing agreement;  who owns what;  
revocation of rights in certain circumstances;  credits;  and warranties
and indemnities.  Anyone involved in the use or licensing of digital
materials, including photographers, writers, Web site and CD-ROM
developers, those in museums, archives and libraries are encouraged to
attend.  For further information, email libraries@copyrightlaws.com or
call 202.478.0478.