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Re: E-journal service

I am writing on behalf of the Faxon Company regarding your question about subscription vendor e-journal and licensing services.
We have been offering a similar service for some time now. Rather than providing this information on an individual title basis, our approach has been to provide our clients with regular customized reports indicating which of their print journal subscriptions have electronic equivalents to which they could have access. Working with the full list of electronic journals available to them, the clients can then make their decisions and notify us as to which titles they wish to receive electronically.
In our U.S. operations, we procure the license for the clients, handle the license processing, record their IP addresses, register them online, and notify them when the online title is ready for access.
As an optional service, based on the client's wishes and legal situation, we are also willing to handle license negotiations and represent the client's licensing needs to the publisher. In addition, we gather information on consortial and special pricing arrangements and have staff trained to complete the registration process. Faxon clients are also able to receive comprehensive listings of free electronic journals available on the Web.
Access to licensing resources and registration forms is also provided from our website (http://www.faxon.com). Information about publisher terms and conditions and pricing for electronic journals are posted on the Web as well.
We hope this information is helpful to you.

At 06:52 AM 10/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>This newly announced EBSCO serice may not be useful at a consortial >licensing level, but it certainly will impact individual libraries. >Simultaneously with our having received a letter from Wiley Interscience >offering us free access in electronic form to all the titles we take in >print (this was an offer to Yale, and so I presume it was made to all >other libraries), we also received notification of a new service from >EBSCO (and accordingly are contacting our other major subscription >vendors to see if they will offer the same). The short form is that so >many e-subs are now available for free if libraries take the print >version, that EBSCO is offering to instate them for us, at least on a >limited basis doing the legwork for the startup. Even though a limited >service, it's nonetheless a great idea. The letter is reproduced below. > >Of course the matter of other license terms (besides price) are not >addressed here. I'd be interested in hearing from all our subscription >vendors about whether they too offer such a service and the extent to >which they would record our license needs and convey them to the >publishers, or vice versa. > >Ann Okerson >Ann.Okerson@yale.edu > >_________
Amira Aaron, M.L.S.
Director of Academic Services The Faxon Company 1-800-766-0039, x315; 1-781-862-3191 aaron@faxon.com; fax: 1-781-862-5250 15 Southwest Park, Westwood, MA 02090