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Just-in-Time(sm): Electronic Article Delivery Services

              _Just-in-Time(sm): Electronic Article Delivery Services_

    I am pleased to announce the established of a new clearinghouse
devoted to Electronic Article Delivery Services called _Just-in-Time(sm)_
The address for Just-in-Time(sm) is:


_Just-In-Time (sm): Electronic Article Delivery Services_ is a
clearinghous of projects, research, products and services which are
investigating or provide desktop access, on a 'As Needed' basis, to
individual journal, magazine, newspaper, or other serial publication
article, chapter, or paper for which an individual or institution does not
have a formal subscription. Entries have been organized in categories that
characterize the scope of service and within each arranged alphabetically
by the name of the service, project, or publisher.

    I am greatly interested in learning about _other_ such services that
offer *Per View / Pay-As-You-Use / Per Drink * access to _e-journal_
articles, preferrably for non-subscribers that are not presently listed.

[I am not interested in FAX (or other) non electronic delivery for this
access option] [If my headcold gets better, I plan to add a description of
the services provided by The Electric Library, KnowledgeLink InfoMarket,
ChemWeb and MedWeb(?), by the end of this week.]

   I also plan to add key reference that further describe a service as
well as a General Bibliography that will include items that discuss the
issue of Pay-Per-View access in general and would greatly appreciate
appropriate citations that are **not** cited on a service site or already
provided to me in response to my earlier post [Thank you all once again
for your interest and time in nominating candidates and for citations to
your work!]

    As in my previous posting, I am most interested in those services that
can provide **seamless** integration with existing E-Journal services
provided by Aggregators or Abstracting and Indexing Services.

    As Always, Any and All Contributions, Queries, Questions, Concerns,
Critiques, Comments, etc. are most well.

Gerry McKiernan
Theoretical Librarian
Curator, CyberStacks(sm)
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011


  	"The Best Way to Predict the Future is To Invent It!"
				Alan Kay