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Maybe I'm just having a bad day, and being inept at searching the
liblicense-l archives, but I don't seem to find any significant discussion
on the list about the Michigan/Elsevier "pricing field trial" called PEAK
(Pricing Electronic Access to Knowledge). It's an experiment that's going
on now involving ten university libraries and two corporate libraries, to
determine pricing/licensing/subscription models libraries might prefer.
Basically, it involves offering three licensing/pricing options for
electronic access to Elsevier journals:

1. Per article -- Pay by the drink.
2. Traditional subscription -- i.e., subscription by title.
3. Generalized subscription -- sort of a "pay by the six 
    pack" version of #1 above.

You can get more details from the 8/14/98 issue of the Chronicle of Higher
Education (pp. A21-A22), or from the PEAK website:

I was just curious about what others might think of this
"field trial".

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