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Re: Oxford and Cambridge UP

Michelle Newberry said:

>As I was reading the OUP license, I wasn't having too much trouble with
>the terms and it looked like we could figure out a way to make sure that
>our proxy service to our distance learners would still comply with the
>license when I hit the last section:
>  "9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
>      9.1 The terms and conditions of this Site licence are governed by
>      English law and the English courts shall have jurisdiction."
>I would have thought that publishers would have figured it out by now.
>Most U.S. state governments (of which our publicly funded universities
>are a part) won't agree to anything but their own state laws.  Or, at
>least, have the license be silent on the point... this usually gets
>past the lawyers.

Well, now you know the feeling we Brits have every time we face a contract
which is governed by the laws of California, New York, etc.!

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