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SSP Seminar

Judy Luther writes:
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 06:59:08 -0400
From: Judy Luther <jluther@earthlink.net>
Subject: SSP seminar

I wasn't sure what the guidelines were for liblicense - but thought many
of your readers would be interested in this seminar.  I'd appreciate your
posting it to the list and welcome your thoughts on getting the word out.

	A Dialog About Best Practices

	Does it take too long to acquire electronic publications?
	Are you handling multiple licenses?
	What could publishers/vendors do that would help simplify the process?

On Thursday - September 17th in Washington, DC, the Society for Scholarly
Publishing (SSP) is hosting a workshop for publishers, librarians and
vendors to discuss all sides of the acquisition process.  A distinguished
panel will address all topics related to the acquisition of databases and
e-journals, from presale technology issues related to access, through
licensing, to post sale evaluation efforts based on usage statistics.  We
invite you to share your experiences as we explore what works in this
rapidly changing environment.

Panelists will address the following topics:
	Electronic publishing dynamics - Judy Luther - Informed Strategies
	Decision to acquire the product
		Nancy Gibbs - North Carolina State University
		Claire Wyckoff - Columbia University Press
	Technology issues
		Connie Kelley - University of Virginia
		Ron Akie - Silverplatter
	Negotiating the license
		Sarah Sully - JSTOR
		Marietta Plank - University of Maryland
		Susan Hillson - Publishing Consultant
	Implementation and renewal
		Jay Trolley - Institute for Scientific Information
		Jim Mullins - Villanova University
The seminar will run from 9:30-4:30 at the American Society of Association
Executives (ASAE) at 1575 I St. NW, two blocks from the White House.  It
is priced attractively at $70 until Sept. 9th, afterwards $90.  You may
register with SSP in Wheat Ridge CO by phone 303-422-3914 or fax