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Generic terms/conditions

[MOD NOTE:  In spite of Michele's request to have messages sent to
her only, the rest of the list might be interested.  So, MIchele,
if you receive answers, maybe you could post them back to liblicensel?]

Michele Newberry writes:

I'm looking for examples of generic language for terms and conditions
that anyone of you might use in policy statements or when explaining
how licensed databases get used.

We get a lot of requests for access from users that clearly fall into
the unauthorized categories such as alumni, residents of the local
communities, those who describe themselves as taxpayers and thus should
be eligible, and many others as you all probably do.  I can usually
answer these users by explaining how the license agreements work.

However, the inquiries from Provosts and others high up in the university
system to whom such requests are being made are not as easily satisfied.
I can cite the language in all the individual agreements, but I'm being
asked for evidence that other universities are making agreemnents with
access limited to the usual faculty, staff, students, walk-ins and an
occasional extra category if the vendor is so inclined.  Essentially,
what I need are some URLs to such general policy documents or other
easily accessible statements that I can use to prove that respected,
peer institutions are operating under similar restrictions on access.

Please direct your replies to me so that others aren't burdened by the
messages:  fclmin@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu

Thank you,
Michele Newberry
Assistant Director for Library Services               352/392-9020
Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA)      fax 352/392-9185
2002 NW 13th Street, Suite 320                 http://www.fcla.edu
Gainesville, FL 32609                   fclmin@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu