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ASIS Program

Richard Hill, Executive Director of ASIS, submits the following:

Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 09:37:38 -0400
From: Richard Hill <rhill@asis.org>
Subject: ASIS Annual Meeting, October 24-29, Pittsburgh

ASIS 1998 Annual Meeting
October 24-30, 1998
Pittsburgh Hilton, Pittsburgh, PA

For complete conference description, schedule and registration
information, see <http://www.asis.org>, email meetings@asis.org, call
(301) 495-0900, or write to the address below.

Information and knowledge are rapidly becoming available to anyone,
located anywhere, at any time.  Information science has provided many of
the key elements in making global information accessible to those who need
it. The ASIS 1998 Annual meeting will examine information access and what
it means in a global information economy.

* Featured Sessions *

HERBERT A. SIMON.  Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economic
  Sciences, the National Medal of Science; the A.M. Turing Award
  of the Association for Computing Machinery (with Allen
  Newell)... recognized as part-founder of Artificial
  Intelligence, of *cognitive science and of computer science.

HAL R. VARIAN, Dean of the School of Information Management and
  Systems at the University of California at Berkeley; also
  Professor in the Haas School of Business & the Department of

  Charles McClure, John Carlo Bertot, Jean-Claude Burgelman
  (invited), Andrew Magpantay, Milton Mueller and others.


* New Interfaces for Information Visualization
* UNICODE: Standards, Implementation Issues, & Future Directions
* Using the Web for Global Business Intelligence
* Designing Discipline-Oriented Information Systems
* Classificatory Structures: Applications & Integration
* Intellectual Property         
* Digital Libraries in the K-12 Environment
* Retrieval of non-Textual Documents
* The Ethics of Access: Global Perspectives
* Knowledge Discovery in Databases -- Tools & Techniques for
* User Modeling Research & IR Systems Design
* Information Retrieval Technology
* Organizing Images/Visuo-Spatial Data for Retrieval: From  
    Indexing to Metadata
* Web Effects on Global Economies
* Electronic Scholarship
* International Classification and Subject Analysis Research
* Web Searching
* Economics of Web Link Collections
* Cross Language Applications & Large Scale Vocabularies
* Evaluating Services
* Accessing Full-text: Integrating Electronic Resources
* Social and Organizational Informatics

Pre Conference Seminars  (All courses 9-5 unless specified. Separate
registration required.)
Saturday, October 24
* Finding the Right Stuff: Using and Evaluating Internet Search  
   Engines (Half Day, 9:00am - 1:00pm)
* Vocabulary Management and Thesaurus Development	
Introduction to Dynamic HTML (DHTML)Part 1: JavaScript
	(Presented in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh.)

Sunday, October 25
* Introduction to Dynamic HTML (DHTML) Part 2: Cascading Style  
   Sheets 	(Presented in cooperation with the University of    
* Delivering Databases via the World Wide Web
* Introduction to Image Databases
* Digital Libraries: Computer Concepts & Technologies for Managing
   Library Collections 
* Building the Virtual "Intranet" Knowledge Center
* The Role of Information Management In Knowledge Management -
   Stimulating Creativity and Innovation Through Information.
* Statistics for Practitioners and Readers of Research: 
   A Practical Update  (Half day, 9:00am - Noon)
* 9th Classification Research Workshop ( 8:30 am - 5:00 pm)

Richard Hill
Executive Director
American Society for Information Science
8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 501
Silver Spring, MD  20910