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IFLA Workshop on Consortia

It is a pleasure, on behalf of IFLA's Section on Acquistion and Collection
Development, with support from the Publisher Liaison Committee, to
announce a workshop of great interest to be given at the upcoming IFLA
conference. This session is called "New Collections:  New Marketplace
Relationships." It will be held on Monday morning, August 17th, from 8:30
- 12:30. 

The program for this session is copied below for your information, from
the IFLA WWW site:  http://www.ifla.org

The session will feature six short presentations from leaders of library
consortia in various countries, with descriptions of their organizational
modes, accomplishments, and challenges.  You'll receive descriptive
handouts, and ample time will be given for questions and answers and
discussion.  Please plan to join us.

When you register at IFLA, be sure to ask where workshop signup happens. 
Go to that room and add your name to the list.  If you don't register for
the workshop on site, you run the risk of not being allowed in, as
attendance will be limited to about 75 people -- so don't forget.

See you in Amsterdam, soon.

Ann Okerson, Member
IFLA Section on Acquistion and Collections Development



83. Acquisition and Collection Development: Workshop

      Theme: "New Collections: New Marketplace Relationships" 

Collection development scaled up: electronic resources and the phenomenon
of library consortia. In this workshop six speakers from assorted library
consortia will give brief overviews of their organization and focus on a
topic that seems particularly critical for them in the consortial
environment. The presentations will be about 15 minutes each, with
handouts, and time for ample questions and answers between and after the

          1.Convener:  ANNE OKERSON (Yale University Library, New Haven,
Connecticut, USA). Ms Okerson is convenor and context setter. She also is
Coordinator of NERL (Northeast Research Libraries Consortium), a
voluntary, distributed regional group

          2.JOHN GILBERT (Netherlands Association of University Libraries,
Royal Library and Library of the Royal Academy of Sciences (UKB)). UKB
comprises the 13 Dutch universities (all universities except the Open
University), the Royal Library in The Hague, and the library of the Royal
Academy of Sciences. UKB thus represents the main university and research
libraries in the country.

          3.ELMAR MITTLER (Niedersaechische Staats- und
Universitaetsbibliothek, Gttingen, Germany). Mr Mittler will present the
Gemeinsamer Bibliotheks Verbund (GBV).

          4.CIGDEM OZBAG (Middle East Technical University, Ankara,
Turkey). Ms Ozbag is involved in early efforts to begin a library buying
and resource sharing consortium in Turkey.

          5.JOHN SHIPP (Library, Sydney University, Sydney, Australia). Mr
Shipp will speak on behalf of CAUL, the Council of Australian University

          6.BARBARA MCFADDEN ALLEN (CIC Center for Library Initiatives,
Champaign, Illinois, USA). Ms Allen manages a substantial union catalogue
and resource-sharing programme for 13 major research institutions in the
US midwest.

          7.KATHERINE A. PERRY (George Mason University, Fairfax,
Virginia, USA). Ms Perry manages the VIVA Project, which includes all 39
publicly assisted colleges and universities (including the community
colleges, comprehensives, and doctorals) and includes 28 private,
non-profit colleges and universities.