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Not negotiable? Ha! (was Re: Company of Biologists)

> >Thank you for your E-mail dated the 27th March 1998.  Unfortunately, the
> >terms and conditions relating to the site licence application form are
> >not negotiable.  

	I'm just quixotic enough to hope that librarians the world over
will unite in boycotting products whose publishers refuse to negotiate the
terms of their license agreements.  (Librarians unite!  You have nothing
to lose but your liability!  You have a world of indemnification to gain!) 
It may be appropriate in rare cases to accept a pre-fab license -- if it
already fits perfectly the needs of both parties, for example, ha ha ha --
but I can't imagine that it makes sense in the vast majority of cases. 

	Publishers, we know you're out there -- what do you think?  Can
you give us a good reason not to insist on negotiating license terms? 

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 says 'blue.' ''
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