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RE: Company of Biologists

I have also e-mailed the Company of Biologists and will presumably get the
same response. What are people doing about the ONE class C IP address
issue. My mind boggles at trying to decide which one we could give them. 
This added to the issue with BLOOD where we had to restrict access to only
workstations within the libraries on campus, ie. no remote access from
home or offices. Then there is Physica Scripta and then there is.....but I
go on! 

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-----Original Message-----
From:	Ann Okerson []
Sent:	Friday, April 17, 1998 10:29 AM
Subject:	Re: Company of Biologists

Dear Margo, etc.  Here's the response we received from the Company of
Biologists when we asked about possible changes to their license.  As our
staff said, at least this is a clear and crsip answer!  Ann Okerson


>Thank you for your E-mail dated the 27th March 1998.  Unfortunately, the
>terms and conditions relating to the site licence application form are
>not negotiable. 
>If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
>Craig Kilby
>The Company of Biologists Ltd
>Bidder Building,
>140, Cowley Road,
>CB4 4DL
>TEL; 01223 426164
>FAX; 01223 423353


> Lib License folks .. I have just recently started working with ejournals
> and licenses, but am trying to read the fine print carefully.  Has anyone
> else read the fine print on the Company of Biologists license conditions
> (Development, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Experimental Biology)?
> How did you comply with their conditions locally?  Please reply to me
> privately if that seems appropriate.  Thank you, Margo Warner Curl
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> Margo Warner Curl
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