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Proof is in the pudding - was Ads in online journals,


Feeling a bit like I should back up my rather harsh posting just sent to
the list, -- check out this news blurb from the front of The Internet
Advertising Discussion List, Digest #211 - Friday March 10th, 1998. See:

-- snip starts ---

News: Microsoft Plans Stealth Blitz to Mend Its Image
Source: LA Times

Stung by the public relations fallout from antitrust investigations of its
business practices, Microsoft Corp.  has secretly been planning a massive
media campaign designed to influence state investigators by creating the
appearance of a groundswell of public support for the company.

The elaborate plan, outlined in confidential documents obtained by The
Times, hinges on a number of unusual and some say unethical tactics,
including the planting of articles, letters to the editor and opinion
pieces to be commissioned by Microsoft's top media handlers but presented
by local firms as spontaneous testimonials.

--- SNIPPED ----

Full story: LA Times

Didn't Bill Gates make some PR mention in a southern state days before
talking to the US Senators? Did that librarian throw out Bill Gates? Of
course not. Point being -- those who want to play gatekeepers to
advertising -- would be foolish.

Mark Rauterkus, Publisher          E-books work in classrooms!

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