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Re: When is a Journal a Journal (Was Biomed Aggregators)

Ann Okerson asks:

> 1.  Are the ejournals included in aggregators' databases *real?*
> 2.  How and how not?  For whom?

I believe they are real in as far as the scope and content is clearly 
understood by the user.  We subscribe to ADONIS, a CD-ROM based 
full-text document delivery system.  ADONIS is offered on an annual  
subscription basis for the data.  It can be viewed on a single workstation 
at no additional cost.  If a print copy of an article is requested 
there is a publisher's charge which varies depending on the 
publisher!  Most of the content of the 800+ journals covered in 
ADONIS are replicated in full.  Advertisements, covers, and certain 
letters to the editor may not be.  Images, photos, charts, etc. are 
all included.  Indeed, the full text included in ADONIS is  scanned,  
bit-mapped images of the print journal.

> 3.  Therefore, do they or do they not deserve to be enumerated in
>     in an ejournal list on our web sites?  

We do not list them on our web site since they are not specifially 
web based journals.  In other words, clients cannot access ADONIS 
from our web page.  This is technologically possible, it is just not 
very easy to do in its present form.  However, we would link them 
from our home page immediately if the technical details were 
resolved.  Part of those "details" include the charges levied by 
publishers for printing journals and how we would collect from the 

> 4.  Should they be catalogued as an ejournal in our online catalog? We
>     do catalog individual titles that we license or can access as
>     *individual*  titles.

While, in general, we do not catalog journals, the ADONIS titles are 
listed as item records in our online catalog and also listed in our 
suite of databases, in our case, SilverPlatter's ERL system databases 
(e.g. WinSpirs, WebSpirs, etc.).  When someone does a search on 
MEDLINE, for example, the results of the search show whether the 
title is located in the library and/or is an ADONIS title.

> 5.  Do the aggregators supply bib records for these ejournals?  If not,
>     how did you get them into your lists or catalogs?

ADONIS does not supply bib records for the journals.  We've entered 
them manually into our system, a very labor intensive effort, but one 
that has paid off in many ways, not least of all as a tremendous 
service to our faculty, staff, and students.  True, there is a cost 
to printing journals, but in a research and patient care environment, 
that cost is often not a major consideration for the member of the 
health care team who needs the article immediately.  At this writing, 
we pass the full cost of an ADONIS article on to the requestor.  
Also, at this writing, the annual cost of ADONIS has been supported 
by funds outside of the library's budget for the past four years.  

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