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RE: Best Journal Aggregator for Biomedicine

As I have told them--we are on speaking terms--this is short sighted
policy. Their print publications are sufficiently attractive and
convenient --besides being the most important molecular biology journals
in the world--that my guess is that many individuals would continue. The
net result of their policy will be that faculty and possibly post-docs
will have electronic access, but not the students!  >From the perspective
of a librarian, this is exactly the opposite of what libraries are about. 

(In any case, their pricing is apparently based on the total gross revenue
of the paper subscriptions, not the net margin.) 

What is distressing in biology is that some of the best journals are
essentially unavailable, while many 2nd, 3rd [and even worse] rate
journals are. This is not the case in physics or chemistry, where the
major publications come from societies with reasonable policies.

David Goodman, Princeton University Biology Library            609-258-3235

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Cornelia A. Kelley wrote:

> Cell Press will now sell access to all four of their journals, but their
> price is based on the number of individual subscriptions with the same ZIP
> code as the library purchasing the access.  This is done because they are
> expecting to lose the individual subscribers as soon as the online access
> is available through the library.  This naturally makes the online access
> rather expensive. 
> Connie Kelley, Contracts Manager
> University of Virginia Library
> Charlottesville VA 22903-2498
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> On Mar 6, 15:40, W Holder wrote:
> > Subject: RE: Best Journal Aggregator for Biomedicine
> > OVID does have Science and Nature but the big complaint we get is that the
> > issues available are way out of date. I gather it is the whole issue of
> > OVID re-keying the articles. 
> > 
> > My other comment is try licensing directly from the publishers. I have had
> > many conversations with Cell Press for example and they just simply are
> > not ready to do site licences with institutions. They want to keep their
> > individual subscriber base.  I would love to hear if anyone has broken
> > through and been able to license any of these three ( there are many
> > others in the same category). 
> > 
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> > Electronic Information Resources Co-ordinator
> > University Of Toronto Libraries
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