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COC3 Presentation #3
February 22, 1998

ABC-CLIO (presentation focused on America:  History and Life, and
Historical Abstracts)

Vicky Speck, Editorial Director, Serials
John Jiminez, Serials Sales Specialist

ABC-CLIO produces 4 key history and social sciences databases, with one to
come during 1998:
o America:  History & Life  (AHL) (WWW version due 5/98)
o Historical Abstracts  (HA) (WWW version due 5/98)
o ARTbibiographies Modern
o ABC Pol Sci (under development)

Also publishes:
o "book products" for 10 years
o Reference materials with historical bent (history, current events, poli
o By end of 1999, the first 18 (?) years of Historical Abstracts will go
  electronic (lots of quirks and problems in covering esp. the earlier


ABC-CLIO's two goals are to:  (1) generate revenue to continue building
and developing the databases; (2) distribute information as widely as
possible.  The two principal databases (AHL and HA) will be available via
WWW remote access during second quarter 1998; currently in "beta 2" mode.
AHL electronic availability comprises two versions:  (1) Basic (1982-) and
(2) Expanded (back to beginning in 1964) versions.  Only the expanded
version will be available remotely via WWW.


based on selling Simultaneous Users to "sites" as follows:


o Site Definition:  most likely same institution, in same city, with same 
  billing address, but there may be some flexibility here?
o Access:  not limited by contract to only students, faculty, and staff.
  Authorized Users are those the licensing institutions define as AUs
  (that is, remote access is okay if customers say so and validate it;
  walk-ins could be okay; no one at COC meeting tested alumni, distance
  education, or other boundaries).
o Validation mode:  IP address or password (perhaps institutional?), as
  customer chooses.
o Mode of payment:  Subscription options only at this time (maybe
  transaction based packages later?);  generally annual renewal,
  multi-year may be negotiated; rolling renewal
o Can we change products mid-year from CD to WWW, instead of waiting for
  renewal time?  yes, this is open to negotiation
o Pay through consortium or as individual institutional member of the
  consortium?  either is okay; ABC-CLIO may ask for letter of
o Archival issues:  "We will work with you to identify solutions"
o Can consortia or institutions buy the data to load locally:  yes, via CD
  or FTP or ..
o Will the databases become available through third party aggregators like
  OCLC?:  in the talking stages


o Consortial pricing:  based on number of institutions in consortium
o Discount is taken off "continuing subscription price"

Example--For four-year colleges/universities, the discount off the
standard 2 to 6 SU institutional subscription (lists at $5500 per year per
institution), per database (AHL or HA):
- If less than 20 members in consortium, each member institution gets 15%
  discount off that price, i.e., $4675 per database
- If more than 20, less than 50, then 20%, i.e., $4400 per database
- If more than 50 but less than 75, 25%i.e., $4125 per database

Misc. Info:

o ABC-CLIO is a privately held company, by son of original creator/owner
  (Boehm); he sees it as a form of innovative publishing; is very
  committed to products
o Some thought of combining all the products into one database; down the

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