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Seeking info. on e-database trends

I am a graduate student working on my MLS.  I am currently working on a
class project that involves competitive intelligence.  Our objectives for
the project include gaining an understanding of how database publishers
and vendors are pricing electronic products in various formats (focusing
on Web and CD-ROM), analyzing the various pricing policies, and getting an
idea of emerging trends.  

I'm bringing this subject to the attention of the subscribers to this
listserv because you are the professionals who are in the trenches, so to
speak, and deal with these policies and licenses on a regular basis.

Our focus is on science vendors/publishers like Chemical Abstracts
Service, Beilstein, British Library, and Engineering Information Inc., but
general information on any type of vendor would be helpful.

My questions for you are:

*What factors do you take into consideration when evaluating and
purchasing an e-database?

*Are there special deals that vendors/publishers give to win you as a

*What trends or changes do you see happening over the last few years and
into the future?

*And any other opinions you have on the policies of these publishers.

*Could you point me to any articles and/or websites that would help in my
quest for information?

Any information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Heather Collins

Indiana University        School of Library and Information Science  
ASIS chair                SLA vice-president
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