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Re: American Meteorological Society License Available

I appreciate Ann's kind words regarding our license agreement for the AMS
journals online -- we worked hard to make it library-friendly. 

I just wanted to make a small correction to her message.  Dr. Richard
Hallgren is our Executive Director.  I am the Associate Executive Director
and serve as director of publications. 

Keith Seitter

At 10:39 PM 2/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Keith Seitter, Executive Director of the American Meteorological Society,
>has made the AMS's online Journals Subscription Agreement (i.e., contract
>or license) available to all of us.  It's linked as a "What's New" on the
>LIBLICENSE web site. 
>This Agreement has many things going for it, including its brevity
>(yes, that is a virtue indeed, compared to some of the 10-25 page
>documents that libraries read and respond to).  More to the point
>are the:  fair use-friendly language, treatment of "occasional" (i.e.,
>walk-in) users, treatment of remote sites/campuses, sensible
>language about liability/enforcement, and long-term access, among
>other things.
>Read it; it's an Agreement that makes sense for electronic journals.
>And, yes, of course, it could be longer and more comprehensive, but
>does it need to be?  We don't think so.
>Ann Okerson

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