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Yankee Rights Management

Those of you on the North American academic library scene may be
interested in the following note I received from Glen Secor of Yankee
Book Peddler.  We have made the link on the LIBLICENSE resources section.
Although he didn't ask me to do it, I thought I would share the notice
of the service with you, especially those who use Yankee as one of their
book suppliers.

Ann Okerson

To: "''" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 09:16:39 -0500

We've begun a new company here at YBP, Yankee Rights Management.  You can
find information about us at  We are developing an
electronic copyright management system (Copyright Direct) and are also
interested in facilitating site license negotiations between publishers
and academic institutions.  We are striving to balance content owner and
user interests in everything that we do.  I'm very interested in hearing
your thoughts on YRM and our services. 


Glen M. Secor
Attorney, YBP, Inc.
President, Yankee Rights Management
999 Maple Street
Contoocook, NH 03229
Phone:  603-746-3102
Fax:  603-746-5628


>From the Web site:

Through the development of copyright management solutions and strategic
partnerships, Yankee Rights Management will offer an array of services to
content creators and content users, including publishers, new media
producers, authors, libraries, and the academic community.

 Networked Copyright Management Solutions 
 DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Implementation 
 Rights & Asset Management Consulting 
 Site License Facilitation 
 Copyright Education Services 

Networked Copyright Management Solutions

Copyright Direct*, Yankee Rights Management's cornerstone service, will
provide direct access to online copyright transactions from within online
documents. Copyright Direct promotes communication and cooperation among
creators, authors, publishers, and users.

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Implementation

The DOI's flexible structure permits publishers to 'point' DOI's to a
variety of locations, whether to web sites, individual title pages, or to
trusted third parties. Through Copyright document-specific copyright
transaction services.

Rights & Asset Management Consulting

If you have or are looking to digitize your content, YRM will help you
think through the solutions for providing copyright notification and
rights and permissions transactions in cyberspace. And, if you're looking
to improve your permissions services, YRM can evaluate your existing
services and recommend solutions, online and off.

Site License Facilitation

Yankee Rights Management will work with publishers, authors, institutions
and libraries to facilitate multi-user licensing agreements for digital
content.  YRM will draw upon internal copyright expertise as well as the
expertise of its strategic partners.

Copyright Education Services

Whether you're an academic library, an academic department, a professional
organization, or a research institution, Yankee will deliver customized
copyright education seminars and materials.

----end of excerpt------
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