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RE: Social Security Numbers and User Authentication

Forwarded message:
From: Jim Horning <>
To: owner-liblicense-l <>
Subject: RE: Social Security Numbers and User Authentication
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 97 19:42:00 P

Finally a question on this list to which I know the answer!  :-)

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, such use of Social Security   
numbers is not illegal; it is merely unwise.  The widespread use of SSNs   
for other than the original purpose has greatly contributed to loss of   
privacy and to identity theft and similar frauds.

This is a topic that crops up on both the Privacy Forum Digest, moderated   
by Lauren Weinstein (, archived at, and RISKS Digest, moderated by Peter   
Neumann (, archived at and

I highly recommend both sources of information.

Jim Horning
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