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UNIVerse $ clarification

Liz Dopp wrote:
> The price quote we recently received for L-N UNIVerse for FTE of 9,954
> came out to $4/person per year (as opposed to $2-3)--curious if others
> are seeing quotes in this range?

In response to my recent listserv query on UNIVerse pricing, Tom Wallman
(L-N Sr.Dir.) has let me know that the $2-$3/FTE price range the CHE
article mentioned was the result of an incomplete article quote.  $2-$3 is
this range might be seen in a consortial purchase--the consortial relation
to price was omitted from the printed article.

I thank Tom for the clarification. Having recently received vendor quotes
(not from L-N mind you) that didnt match up with the pricing of
similar-FTE-schools we talk to, I was anxious about the quoted $4/FTE
price--always trying to get the best possible pricing of course! 

Thanks again, Tom for the explanation.

Liz Dopp
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