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alternative legal information vendor-fyi

Liblicense List,

I know for most of you, LEXIS/NEXIS is the product you prefer to offer
your faculty and students.  However, if you want to take a look at an
alternative product for the law, go to where LOIS is hosted. 
While not all 50 states are yet up, they continue to add each month.  LOIS
provides their product on CD and/or the web:

LOIS Internet for Student and Faculty Use: LOIS will provide unlimited
access to all LOIS state and federal primary authority on the Internet to
all faculty and students for $5 per person per year.  Faculty will receive
access for a 12-month academic year while students will receive access for
the 9-month academic year.  There are no additional charges for printing
or downloading.  If you wish to use non-public domain databases on LOIS
(consisting at this time of bar handbooks for selected states), there is
an additional charge for their use.  The law school will control the
selection of participants for this program.  Each participant will receive
their own unique LOIS user ID that can be used from the school, home or
office.  All users agree that their use of LOIS will be limited to
educational purposes only. 

LOIS Internet for Public Use: LOIS will provide unlimited access within
your library at an annual cost of $2,595 per concurrent user.  Anyone who
uses your library can use LOIS: attorneys, pro se patrons, library staff,
etc.  There are no additional charges for printing or downloading. 
Additional concurrent user IDs can be purchased at a discount.  You are
free to charge your users for this service to recoup the subscription
charge.  During their first year after graduation, your alumni can
subscribe to LOIS CD-ROMs at a 50% discount off of normal subscription

To see LOIS FREE for ONE Week:

>From the home page:, click on the "subscription
options and pricing " bar. On the next screen, scroll down to the bottom
of the page and click on the "subscribe with a special access code" bar. 
Complete the on-screen order form. At the bottom of the form in the field
labeled "special access code" enter "lawlib" (no quotes).  When you have
completed all the other information requested on the order form, including
the password you want to use, click on "submit".  LOIS will then send back
an Email that confirms your order and gives you the User ID needed for
free access to the entire site for one week. For questions send email

PS.  NO, I DO NOT get any kick-back from LOIS but just thought I would share
who they are, especially for those serving law schools and attorneys.  Diane

Diane Klaiber
617-252-9636 Harvard Office) voice
508-428-5342 (Home Office) voice
617-496-4409 (fax) or home at 508-428-7623
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