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Re: Authorized Users Question

I have to chime in as well -- there are no free lunches.  Until we develop
a ubiquitous way of screening our own users coming in via AOL- like
vendors who want access to commercial web resources, and are able to
prevent people for whom we are not paying the license agreement from
getting at a publisher's resources -- I don't think we can expect a
publisher to not be concerned. 

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> I usually just lurk and learn on this list, but as someone who is an 
> "authorized user" let me respond to David Mirchin's question:
> "For example, for a New York State consortium which will be accessing over
> the internet, is it reasonable that the access be limited to computers in
> the State of New York? " 
> No, it is not reasonable.  In a highly mobile society, the library
> resources licensed for any particular user population should be available
> to that population regardless of their physical location.  I have utilized
> the electronic resources of my "home" library from my laptop in hotel
> rooms around the country, as well as from public access PCs in other
> libraries.  The right to use the resources belongs with the individual
> represented by the institution, not to a physical location.  That is one
> of the primary advantages of electronic information. 
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