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Re: Hospital Sites and Networks

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Date:          Wed, 24 Sep 97 10:13:35
From:          <>
Subject:       RE: AAHSL: (Fwd) Hospital Sites and Networks (fwd)
To:            in%""

I forwarded your posting to the Association of Academic Health 
Science Libraries list and received this from colleague Dave Boilard 
at the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo:
Dana McDonald

Dear Ann:

We receive OVID databases via our statewide OhioLINK system, but can
extend them to our teaching hospitals.  We don't do any CD ROMs or other
databases yet.  What we've found on looking into it, though, is that each
copyright/license owner has a different version for licensing. 

In the OVID case, for example, we can extend the databases to our teaching
hospitals but they have to pay a fee based on bed size.  Also, it is site
specific.  So if one hospital buys another, they have to pay for OVID for
each location rather than as a corporate whole. 

A different example is the Academic Press electronic journals we get,
again, via OhioLINK.  OhioLINK is licensed to extend them to all of its
members AND their teaching hospitals.  The license fee is based on the
total number of AP subscriptions in the OhioLINK system.  So when OhioLINK
considers each member, it counts both the primary member's number of
journals and the hospital's number of journals to figure out what portion
of the bill is ours. 

You might want to get in touch with Sarah Timmons at Wright State or Larry
Ellis at NEOUCOM since they are "community based" schools and have lots of
experience with dividing up license fees with their teaching hospitals. 
Sometimes it causes problems. 

Dave Boilard 

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