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Re: back-ups for cds

At 12:13 PM 9/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I have a question:  Are any libraries burning back-ups for circulating
>Some licenses do permit one back-up copy, but the majority say "no
>duplication".   If so, do you consider the "no duplicating" part of most of
>the licenses to mean no to back-ups as well if you are still only
>circulating one copy?  Do you always contact the provider to amend the
>license in these cases?
>If you don't burn back-ups, do you just circulate the cds without any
>back-up copies?
>Please respond directly to me and I will summarize for the list.  Thank you.
>Carole Bell

As a CD-ROM producer, this seems like a good one for my comments, which are
mostly technical.  CDR (CD-Recordable) is not a reliable backup media, and
will not provide the same fidelity for data delivery.  CDRs have a much
higher read-error rate, especially in older drives, dusty drives, and in
some of the faster new drives (at 6x + speeds).  A properly replicated
CD-ROM delivered by the publisher has a lifetime measured in hundreds of
years, whereas a CDR can rapidly degrade in weeks due to excessive
sunlight, heat, and scratches.

If the intention is to make and use a CDR copy in general library use, so
to store the CD-ROM safely, you may encounter read-errors from your users.
A CD-ROM is designed for long-term, repetitive use, a CDR is not.  We use
CDRs only for prototyping and data delivery, and their lifespan is measured
in weeks.  Finally, every publisher we produce discs for will supply
replacements to damaged CD-ROMs without hesitation or charge.

These comments are just meant to be informational, not to say it cannot be
done.  All of this said, I will now read the successful experiences with CDRs.

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