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Re: Perpetual Access

My comments regarding the distinctions between different electronic
formats were made in context of long-term licensing decisions to be made
by librarians.  Although there is much else to consider, perhaps best
through a technical forum, the choice of electronic format and how that
format has been applied by the publisher is as relevant to the licensee as
whether or not the print product is produced on acid-free paper.  Such
decisions are always easy in hindsight. 

Pete Goldie

At 10:44 AM 9/7/97 -0400, you wrote:
>First, let me thank David for his excellent comments below. Attempts to
>divide the world into "true" e-pubs vs. "false" e-pubs will not help
>anyone. I do not consider any of these approaches to be "mature" at this
>point in time, and therefore we have too much to learn from each other to
>squander it through internal conflict. Let's face it, competition between
>formats is good, and it is made better when all formats reach their full
>Second, although I would like to continue this discussion, perhaps this
>list is not the appropriate place for the direction it has taken? Could we
>consider moving the discussion to DIGLIB?
>Greg MacGowan
>University of Cincinnati College of Law Library
>[MOD NOTE:  If/when we think the topic has strayed too far from the
>purpose of this list, we'll try to deflect it to more appropriate forums.
>Meanwhile ... it seems just within the bounds of liblicense-l though
>perhaps cross-postings to other lists would be appropriate?  For my part,
>I see the notion of "perpetual" access (or even any kind of access that's
>longer than about a year or three) to be a key issue not only for licenses
>but for the entire information society. The licensing communities --
>producers, users -- are trying to do right by the access idea and most of
>us are codifying it in the language of our licenses.  However, so far this
>laanguage feels like a set of good intentions not realistically backed up
>by the ability to provide the actual access.]
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