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Re: Perpetual Access

Peter Boyce wrote:

>Most things passed off as e-journals today are available in page image
>format (PDF or PS) and do not have links  to referenced and citations
>and other data.  They are simply electronic delivery of page images.

>True e-journals, on the other hand, contain a rich set of links to
>references and citations, operate a name resolver (to ensure that as...

My appreciation goes out to Peter Boyce for pointing out the distinction
between facsimile representation of pages and true electronic journals.
The distinction goes far beyond screen appearance, to searching, indexing,
linking, integration of multimedia and dynamic interaction with the reader.
 PDF/Acrobat is an inexpensive route to get content online, and as with
most cheap shortcuts, the road ahead is a deadend ("The SGML versus PDF
Debate" -- Using SGML to Create Complex Interactive Documents for
Electronic Publishing -- an article which appears in IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON
PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION, VOL. 40, NO. 2, JUNE 1997, also located at  

Content purchasers should consider the implications of any long-term
contracts based upon short-term expeditious e-pub solutions offered by

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