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Re: perpetual access

There is another aspect in the discussion on perpetual access that I 
haven't seen coming across yet (apologies if it did). It is about  
new access conditions of journals in a renewed license agreement in 
relation to the 'perpetual' use of back issues of cancelled 
subscriptions under the old license agreement.

Assume the following: A license is agreed between library 
and publisher for a number of journals for a term of, let's say,
four years. A new license agreement is to be negotiated for a new 
term with new (narrower or wider) access conditions for the 
journals under this license. Suppose some of the subscriptions under 
the old license have been cancelled during the four years and will 
obviously not appear in the new license, some new subscriptions were 
taken and are added to the new license. 

Does this mean that the access to the cancelled subscriptions,-
of which the back issues are put under 'perpetual access'-, should 
'perpetually' follow the regulations of the old license agreement ?  
Assuming that actions like distributing the back issues to 
the 'world' remain prohibited but what happens to the access 
conditions of back issues of cancelled subscriptions if the access 
restrictions under the new license terms are loosened or tightened ? 
Does this imply that there is a need for journal license management, 
in the worst case per volume ? I suppose that a scenario in which a 
library cancels a subscription X in year 1 but again subscribes to X 
in year 1+n is not unlikely.

Joost Dijkstra

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