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Re: Perpetual access and a print anomaly

I must differ with, or update, Peter Graham's comments.  The
publication in question is the Sanborn Atlas, produced every six
months, for which we continue to pay a 'subscription' that implies that
each atlas is to be returned at the receipt of the next.  It is a
service produced primarily for the real estate and insurance business,
and they are both interested only in the most up to date information. 

A variety of salesmen from the company however, upon hearing of our desire
to keep earlier atlases for study and historic research, have agreed to
let us do so (in fact, although they explicitly forbid photocopying.  For
a while they were giving us the discarded returned copy from *another*
subscriber to replace ours, badly worn out by excessive photocopying by
our architecture students, who are *too busy* to run downtown, or even fax
to request a single page.  We now encapsulat every page of the Manhattan
atlas as soon as it is received, and while prominently displaying a notice
of how students *should* acquire individual pages rather than photocopy,
both the vendors and us have accomodated to the need for preserving these
important bits of knowledge about our built environment *in spite* of the
abuse to which some of our users submit it. 

Angela Giral, Director
Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library
Columbia University
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