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Re: Perpetual Access

Consider this - if my library subscribes to the Journal of XYZ for ten
years, then we decide to cancel this subscription, does the publisher
require that we return or destroy our ten year accumulation of the
Journal of XYZ?  Because we are now dealing with bytes instead of pages,
does that mean libraries relinquish the right to retain data for which
we have paid a usually significant sum? 

Parlous times to be negotiating license agreements.  I am pleased to
hear that some publishers are accommodating libraries on this issue.

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bede wrote:
> Do I understand this correctly. Once the library has paid a licence fee
> for (say) one years subscription to a given data set/publication and has
> enjoyed the benefit of that agreement for the period, then to continue to
> make use of that data set/publication beyond the term of the agreement
> (implied by the statement)  "to retain the data" appears to be a bit iffy.
> Answer this one; if the library retains the data, why? And as soon as
> someone makes use of that data (outside of the period of licence) will the
> library automatically renew its licence agreement? Does Salie imply not?
> Is it like, buying a bus ticket to ride and then keeping the bus, just in
> case...
> Bede Ireland
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