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Re: Perpetual Access

     All NewsBank databases on cd-rom offer "ownership" of the data once 
     purchased, and we are offering a disc (or tape at extra cost) as an 
     option with the new online InfoWeb versions.  
     Perpetual use is granted at the same level of access - single 
     workstation, LAN or CWIS, as was last subscribed/paid.
     Paul Sanz              
     Academic Library Division        (800)762-8182 ext. 119
     NewsBank/Readex, Inc.  

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Subject: Perpetual Access
Author: at Internet-Gateway
Date:    8/26/97 1:46 PM

I would be most interested to hear if any library represented
on this list has been able to negotiate a license for information in an 
electronic format that allows the library to retain the data in the 
event the library chooses not to renew its license/subscription.
Sallie Becker
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