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Re: Perpetual Access


Off the top of my head I can think of the following examples from the MIT

Our former Sloan School Librarian, Kate Pittsley, negotiated such an
arrangement with Disclosure for one of their CDROM products. We will be
allowed to retain the disks if we cancel. 

In addition, JSTOR (a web product) has this option built into their
license agreement; data is supplied on CDROM upon cancellation. So this is
part of our JSTOR arrangement. 

ISI offers a "license" option (as opposed to "lease") for their "Web of
Science" where you get to retain the information you've purchased -- it
arrives on tape, I believe. We are still considering the product and also
whether to opt for the "license" option if we do purchase it. 

Hope this there a particular product for which you are planning
to try to negotiate retention upon cancellation?  Or are you thinking of
making this a standard part of your negotation process? I would be
interested to know what experience or thoughts you've had on this issue. 

Ellen Duranceau
Asst. Acquisitions Librarian for Digital Resources
MIT Libraries
617 253 7562

|> I would be most interested to hear if any library represented
|> on this list has been able to negotiate a license for information in an
|> electronic format that allows the library to retain the data in the
|> event the library chooses not to renew its license/subscription.
|> Sallie Becker
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