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British Library Press Release

Forwarded message:
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 15:26:35 +0100
From: (Andrew Braid)
Subject: British Library Press Release

(Andrew Braid's subscription to Liblicense-l isn't working quite right so
we are forwarding this message on his behalf.)

     10 July 1997

     The British Library has reached agreement with nine publishers of 
     scientific, technical and medical (STM) journal literature to improve 
     the availability of information to researchers and students.  
     The agreements will allow the British Library to deliver copies of 
     articles from the journals produced by the nine publishers by 
     facsimile and other controlled methods of electronic transmission as 
     well as conventional document delivery.  Some of the publishers 
     involved have also agreed in principle for the provision of electronic 
     bibliographic data and access to full text in electronic format.
     The agreements will play a key role in the British Library's inside 
     service, but will also apply to all requests processed by the 
     Library's Copyright Fee Paid service.
     The publishers involved include:
     The American Institute of Physics
     Blackwell Science Ltd.
     Carfax Publishing Ltd.
     Elsevier Science B.V.
     Plenum Publishing Corporation
     The Royal Society of Chemistry
     Taylor and Francis Ltd.
     Thomson Science and Professional under the imprints of Chapman and     
       Hall,Rapid Science and E. and F.N. Spon                              
     In total they are responsible for over 10% of the items supplied by 
     the British Library to remote users. 
     `These are important agreements for the research community, many 
     members of which rely upon the British Library for access to a very 
     wide range of the world's published literature' said Malcolm Smith, 
     Director of Bibliographic Services and Document Supply at the British 
     Library.  `These agreements will allow the British Library to offer an 
     improved service to its customers.  We look forward to a long-term 
     working relationship with these publishers and hope that others will 
     agree to similar arrangements in future.'
     Notes to Editors
     1. The British Library is the National Library of the United Kingdom 
     and one of the world's greatest libraries. It offers the widest range 
     of document supply, bibliographic and information services of any 
     national library. It operates from 19 sites in London and from Boston 
     Spa in Yorkshire. A new purpose built home is currently being 
     constructed in London. The first  reading room (for humanities) opens 
     to users in November 1997.  The Library is committed to using new 
     technology whenever possible to ensure wider and better access to its 
     2. As part of its policy of improved services to its remote users the 
     British Library is developing its inside service.  This is an 
     integrated current awareness, document ordering and document delivery 
     service based on the collections held at the British Library Document 
     Supply Centre.  The current awareness service, which provides records 
     at article level, covers over 20,000 journal titles and 16,000 
     conference proceedings every year. Over 10,000 of the journal titles 
     are indexed back to 1993.  In addition, the inside service provides 
     access to articles from the 250,000 journals held by the British 
     Library, through a simple document ordering facility.  The database is 
     currently available on CD-ROM in two sub-sets covering (a) the 
     sciences and (b) the social sciences and humanities.  It will shortly 
     be available over the World Wide Web.

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