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Re: ILL & Licenses

As part of my work with Project Muse I discovered that a really big fear
of some associations and publishers involved the movement of (electronic) 
articles around the network resulting (indirectly) in potential lost
revenue.  The thinking was that if e-copies started to circulate (under
ILL)  via the network, it would be difficult to observe illicit use and
chaos might result.  I know that this doesn't sound entirely convincing,
but remember that it is fear talking.  Through limiting ILL to print
copies of e-journals, the vision of articles whizzing unseen across the
network could be avoided and fear reduced. 

It made some sense to me and that is what we did with Muse even though it
seemed a bit silly.  However, I can't understand why this approach
wouldn't satisfy most publishers and associations.  If they want libraries
to avoid this approach, all they need to do is build their own systems to
sell individual e-articles directly to libraries at fair prices.  Then
every library on the Internet can go directly to the source and everyone
wins.  This approach would save the printing, handling, and mailing costs
associated with using snail mail or fax made from e-journals. 

For the future, (sometime beyond next year, but I don't quite know when),
ILL as we know it in a (virtually) all-electronic "journals" world doesn't
necessarily make a lot of sense, but in this period of transition, the print
ILL from the e-journal seems to be a very reasonable accommodation by all sides.

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[N.B.  The Project Muse contract language on this matter appears here
below, taken from their online version of same:

Rights: Upon receipt of payment or institutional purchase order, The Johns
Hopkins University Press grants the Subscriber access to the Project Muse
database, consisting of selected JHUP serial titles in the humanities,
social sciences, and mathematics. This agreement grants access to the
Project Muse database for educational, research, and personal use by the
faculty, staff, students, alumni and library patrons utilizing the
Subscriber's contiguous campus network. Distance learners, alumni, and
other off-campus affiliates may access Project Muse if their Internet
access is through the campus network. Users may download and print
articles for personal use and archive contents on their own personal
computers. They may send one copy by email, print, or fax to one person at
another location for that individual's personal use. Facsimile images that
are exact representations of the print journal pages or of printouts from
the electronic database may be provided for interlibrary loan under CONTU
guidelines and distributed in paper, fax, or digital form.               
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