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ILL: A Straw Poll

In order to get a sense of what members of this list think ILL language in
an electronic contract ought or ought not to permit, could we prevail on
you, gentle reader, to fill out the short straw poll below?  Please return
your response to Liblicense-l as if you were replying to any regular
message. Since each message goes to the moderators, we will not forward
these replies to the list. Rather we will log them to a file for a week or
two and then compile the replies and report back to you. 
If you can strip out your signature bloc, so much the better, but in any
case we'll strip out all addresses and identies before we compile the
Thank you,  The Liblicense-L Moderators (Ann Okerson, Rodney Stenlake)    
ILL in E-Contracts -- Straw Poll, July 1997                               
1.  If I were advising parties to an agreement between electronic         
copyright holders and users, I would recommend the following position:    
CHECK ONLY ONE - a check or x or yes indicates you agree with that
_______1A. ILL is not a concept that finds an analog in the electronic    
environment;  it should not be permitted in electronic information        
_______2B. ILL (libraries sending a copy of an article to another library 
for its users) should be permitted in electronic contracts subject either 
to the CONTU suggestion of five or some other agreed-upon limit.          
_______3C. Not sure or undecided.                                         
2.  I come from the following sector (the one that earns my living):      
CHECK PRIMARY ONE - a check or x or yes indicates your affiliation. 
_______2A. Copyright holder (publisher or author)                         
_______2B. Librarian                                                      
_______2C. Attorney                                                       
_______2D. Vendor or intermediary (*not* copyright holder but a supplier) 
_______2E. Reader/User/Student/Scholar/Researcher, etc.                   
_______2F  OTHER ____________________________________                     
3.  Please offer other comments or qualifiers as you wish below.          
Thank you, the Moderators of Liblicense-l                          
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