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RE: Interlibrary loan and elect

One way to consider solving the journal economics and inter-library loan 
problem in an electronic environment is for libraies to take on a larger 
role in the process - namely becoming a publisher of the peer-reviewed 
scholarly works from their organizations.  This way they take the money 
they spend for journal subscriptions and related expenses and use it to 
create their own eletronic library.  Such library operations would 
certainly publish "anything" of high quality - popular or not.

In my opinion there are too many discussions on incremntal changes, with 
no one talking of starting from scratch - state the problem and the user 
requirments - assess the technology - and propose a solution that solves 
the problem.  Print publishers don't have a guaranteed right to exist - 
just as manufactuers of buggy whips didn't at the turn of this century.

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