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Re: Restraint of Trade?

This kind of thinking is what has helped libraries become victims
instead of proactive consumers.  I still maintain that what library
consortia are involved in is asking publishers to recognize their
aggregated buying power.  We all need win-win solutions.  When either
side makes a bundle through some sort of connivance, it may be
productive in the short run but not the long run.  In 50 years from
now those around may look upon the past 10-15 years of double digit
periodicals inflation as the period in which the industry sowed the
seeds of their own distruction.  Libraries and publishers need to seek
common solutions.  tony

Anthony W. Ferguson
Associate University Librarian
Columbia University Libraries
Tel. 212-854-2270

Alan Edelson wrote:

> I think there is some misunderstanding of the way the law uses
> terminologies, which may differ from every day speech. A conspiracy sounds
> malevolent in normal parlance. It has a specific meaning in law, however.
> Exchanging pricing information in and of itself should be perfectly safe.
> But asking, as was done in the context of the problem caused by the
> increase in Nexis prices, "what are you [other Nexis clients] doing about
> it", and then sharing those responses, might easily be something lawyers
> could play around with. It is prudent to keep this in the back of your
> mind. -Alan M. Edelson,Ph.D.
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