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RE: Non-exclusive licenses & copyright

Blackwell's new service, the Electronic Journal Navigator, is essentially
a distribution and access tool for electronic journals. Libraries can
access all of the electronic journals to which they subscribe through a
single search interface which links through to the electronic journal
content. Libraries decide which electronic journals they want on
subscription, and can place orders either through Blackwell's subscription
services, via another agent or direct with the publisher. They have the
option of accessing these journals via EJN (or any other method they

Electronic journals that are accessible via EJN are still covered by the
licenses between the libraries and publishers. Blackwell's does NOT own
the copyright for these journals and does not "re-license" the electronic
journals provided through the service. What Blackwell's does undertake is
to assist in negotiating licenses with specific publishers on behalf of
specific libraries when asked to do so, and we bring expertise and
knowledge in this area that the libraries themselves might not have. 

In addition, the Electronic Journal Navigator system enables the libraries
to manage access to the electronic journals to which they subscribe
according to the licenses they have with the publisher. It is each
library's responsibility to ensure that the publishers' licenses are being
adhered to within their institution, and EJN provides an easy method via
our administration module to enable this. 

Sharon Cline McKay
Technical Sales Manager
Blackwell's Periodicals
Phone: 801-942-9500
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